We are a floodlight manufacturer, and floodlights are our main products. Here to talk about why LEDs are used for flood lighting?


The price is now very low. Floodlights can be really expensive, and this is where LED floodlights jump in. Compared to the price you are paying, they generate a huge amount of light. The service life of LED lights is also very long, exceeding 50,000 hours. You will not replace bulbs regularly and require little maintenance, so the long-term cost of LED floodlights is much cheaper than traditional lighting.

Energy saving:

The best thing about using LED flood lights is that they are energy efficient. They only use 70-80% of the energy consumed by ordinary floodlights.


Another reason you should use LED floodlights is that they have a simple and elegant appearance and can illuminate any area you need.


Even for people who have never used these lights before, their use is very simple. They have low maintenance costs and can be used without any prior knowledge.


These lamps do not use mercury or lead in the manufacturing process because they are much safer than other lamps. This also makes LED lamps (the scientific term for fixtures or lamps) more environmentally friendly compared to all forms of HID bulbs (metal halide/HPS/etc.).

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