We are a rechargeable light manufacturer. In addition, we also produce LED wall lamps. Here we introduce wall lamps related information.

Wall lamps are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors, and bedrooms, and are suitable for permanent lights; color-changing wall lamps are mostly used for festivals and celebrations; most bedside wall lamps are installed on the upper left side of the bed, and the lamp head can rotate in all directions. Concentrated and easy to read; the wall lamp in front of the mirror is mostly decorated and used near the bathroom mirror.

The installation height of the wall lamp should be about 1.8 meters higher than the eye level. The illuminance of the wall lamp should not be too large, so that it is more artistic. The choice of wall lamp shade should be determined according to the wall color. For white or creamy yellow walls, light green or light blue shades, lake green and sky blue walls should be used. It is advisable to use milky white, light yellow, and brown lampshades, so that a conspicuous wall lamp is dotted on a large area of one-color background wall covering, giving people a sense of elegance and freshness.

The wire connecting the wall lamp should be light-colored, so that it can be painted with the same color as the wall to keep the wall tidy. In addition, you can first dig a small groove into the wall that just fits the wire, insert the wire, fill it with lime, and then apply the same paint as the wall.

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