Recently, many micro friends have left messages to the editor asking why the Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner compressor is not running. The editor reviewed the information today and summarized the following influencing factors, hoping to help everyone.

Everyone knows that the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. The air-conditioning compressor is used to compress and drive the refrigerant in the air-conditioning refrigerant circuit. The air conditioner compressor is generally installed in the outdoor unit. The air-conditioning compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low-pressure zone, compresses it, and sends it to the high-pressure zone for cooling and condensation. The heat is dissipated into the air through the radiating fins. The refrigerant also changes from gas to liquid, and the pressure increases.

The compressor will continue to work after the air conditioner is turned on to achieve a regulated temperature. However, many friends have reported that the compressor of the air conditioner at home is not working at all. Why?

Reason 1: Generally, it is caused by long-term operation under the condition of insufficient Freon. Due to improper installation, internal leakage in the system is the root cause of insufficient refrigerant. Solution: add freon to the air conditioner.

Reason 2: The air in the system was not exhausted cleanly during installation, sometimes there was ice blockage, and the compressor load increased. The increased load of the compressor causes the temperature of the compressor to increase, and the refrigerating oil will deteriorate in high temperature for a long time, and it will not play the role of lubrication and cooling, which will promote the temperature of the compressor to further increase, and the coil will be reduced due to high temperature insulation, which will cause damage to the compressor. Solution: strictly control the quality during installation.

Reason three: the power supply is not connected well or is out of power, the power cord socket is in poor contact, or the power cord is thin or aging, and the power voltage is low. Start-up voltage of fixed-frequency air conditioner: 187V, voltage fluctuation range: 198-242V, start-up power of variable-frequency air conditioner 156V, voltage fluctuation range: 176-264V, it is recommended to install a voltage stabilizer in the home because the connecting pipe is bent and the compressor is installed Work load increased. Solution: Check whether the power cord is aging.

Reason 4: Function lock protection. Some brands or models have a child lock function. If you are in lock mode and cannot perform any operation, you can refer to the manual to release. The compressor has been working at high temperature for a long time, which will cause the insulation to decrease, the coil resistance is too low, and the starting current increases. The temperature rises instantly. Solution: Follow the instructions to unlock.

Reason five: electrical wire failure, solution: check and repair, the differential pressure relay is disconnected, the high-voltage circuit breaker is disconnected, press the differential pressure relay reset button and wait for the pressure change to close the contact or readjust the disconnect pressure.

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