Paint bucket molds are our products, among which, for example, 20L Pail Moulds are the specifications of our common paint bucket molds.

In our daily life, many plastic household appliances are made by plastic injection molding, such as plastic buckets, plastic basins, paint buckets, etc. Although the mold structure of the paint bucket is not complicated, it is not an easy task to manufacture high-quality Paint Pail Moulds, and common problems such as uneven wall thickness of the paint bucket mold are prone to occur.

So how to ensure the concentricity of the paint bucket mold?

Whether the wall thickness is uniform is the reason for the uneven wall thickness in the parting line by hand. In addition, there are other reasons, such as improper design of plastic barrel mold or poor polishing effect of core and cavity. First of all, these factors should be considered when designing paint bucket molds. Sometimes we may add some thickness in certain areas to increase the strength of the barrel, but we need to consider that excessive wall thickness will cause uneven injection and uneven cooling, which will slow down the injection molding speed and cause sink marks.

The cooling system is also the main production process of plastic bucket molds. We need to design as many cooling lines as possible and the correct layout.