The cationic fabric has lower melting point and lower crystallinity than ordinary fabric, thus making dye molecules easy to penetrate, making fiber easy to dye, improving color absorption rate and hygroscopicity.

Cationic fabric have lower molecular weight, crystallinity and strength than ordinary fabrics, and their anti-pilling properties are better than ordinary fabrics. The Young's modulus of cationic fabric is 10%~30% lower than that of common fabric, so its fabric is softer than that of common fabric.

In addition, compared with ordinary fabrics, cationic fabric have much higher alkaline hydrolysis speed. Therefore, when alkali treatment is carried out at the same temperature, the alkali decrement rate of cationic fabric is much higher than that of ordinary fabrics.

Cationic fabric can not only ensure easy dyeing of cations, but also increase micropores of fibers and improve dye uptake, air permeability and hygroscopicity of fibers, thus further adapting to silk-like polyester fibers. The fabric can be made soft, breathable, comfortable, antistatic and dyeable at normal temperature and pressure through silk simulation. The cationic modified multifunctional wool-like fabric can make the fabric have soft hand feeling, antistatic property, anti-pilling property and co-dyeing with wool at normal temperature and pressure.

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