1. Use brackets and cornice: Any horizontal decorating molding called cornice is a great way to cover a Custom Curtain rod. It completely crowns the curtain rod and is considered the best covering for a curtain rod. Usually, brackets are installed on a cornice and then a curtain rod is used inside. Giving a formal touch to any window, a cornice conceals a curtain rod inside. Brackets are fixed on the ends of cornice to hold it up well.
  2. Use a pelmet to cover that not-so-pleasing curtain rod
    Also known as a cornice board, a pelmet is placed above a window to conceal all curtain fixtures including the curtain rod. Pelmets are also used decoratively to insulate the window. Made of plywood, the pelmet can also be painted or covered by fabric to match the interior requirements. A pelmet can either be decorative or plain and it serves to conceal the entire curtain mechanism, be it rod or curtain rings.
  3. A valance: Just like a pelmet, a window valance covers the uppermost part of a window and it’s known for being an excellent covering for a curtain rod. A popular decorative choice when it comes to concealing the entire curtain hardware, valance also offers an elegant look to the window. A valence not only covers the curtain rod, but it also makes the curtain look expansive.
  4. Use molding: Curtain rods can be hidden completely in the ceiling itself with the help of a molding. However, before giving the windows the desired finish and a style makeover, it is required to choose the right combination of curtain and molding to get the most modern-looking covering and to give the window perfect functionality. In all, the design elements around the window should support the molding to make it merge seamlessly with your interior design.
  5. Using skirting boards to hide a curtain rod
    Generally used to hide wires, cords and cables, skirting boards made with a narrow length of wood can also be used to cover a curtain rod. If we look on skirting boards from the perspective of interior design they have been a forgotten design idea, but when applied in any interior space they completely change the look, feel and appeal of any interior. Hence they can also be one of the best options to be used to hide a curtain rod in any modern design scheme of any interior space.

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