For outdoor lighting, I thought it was only street lights. In fact, many of them were outdoor lighting. outdoor lighting manufacturers gave the answer.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are lamps used outdoors, such as parks, squares, both sides of roads, and outdoor advertising lights.

Outdoor lighting fixtures mainly include: lawn lights, courtyard lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, underwater lights, street lights, wall wash lights, landscape lights, underground lights, etc.

Lamp description: The frame of the lamp panel is made of high-quality steel, hot-dip galvanized, and the sealing plate is made of aluminum. Fastener bolts and nuts are stainless steel.

Special note: the lamp body must be safely grounded during installation

LED work lights are also a kind of floodlights, we are also a led work light manufacturer. The following problems will be encountered when designing and developing LED lights: 1. High heat dissipation requirements

In the case of poor heat dissipation, the life of the LED will be greatly reduced.

  1. High initial cost

LED prices are high, although the long-term cost may be lower, but the higher initial cost reduces the penetration rate of LEDs.

  1. Color rendering needs to be strengthened

The important reason why fluorescent lamps cannot completely replace incandescent lamps is that fluorescent lamps have poor color rendering (incandescent lamps have a continuous and smooth spectrum, with color rendering close to 100. This kind of light is also healthier and eye-friendly; there are many other artificial light sources. It belongs to the emission spectrum and is difficult to replace incandescent lamps and sunlight). The color rendering of low- and mid-level LEDs is even lower than that of fluorescent lamps.

  1. Efficiency still needs to be strengthened

LEDs are extremely efficient at low luminosity, but when the power LED lights increase, the efficiency is not so good, especially for low-end high-power LED lighting, the efficiency is still not as good as T5 tubes.

  1. Large production error

In the same batch of LEDs, the characteristics (brightness, color, bias, etc.) of each LED are also quite different, and various LEDs must be separated at considerable cost.

  1. Development of design concept

There are two design concepts for LED lamps: one is the scene lighting proposed by Philips in 2008. The other is the mood lighting proposed by Casio in 2009.