The 4x8 pvc foam board (also known as soft glass, PVC crystal board, PVC soft glass) is a PVC transparent film composite material, first produced by plastic manufacturers such as Japan, Taiwan, etc., mostly used in semiconductor equipment, computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits, etc. The production workshop of the microelectronics industry is used to set off the desktop and the assembly line work surface. PVC transparent thick sheet has the advantages of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, strong acid resistance, etc., and can be given anti-static, anti-aging, anti-arc, low-toxicity and no P properties as needed. Because of its easy-to-process and transformable physical properties, it is increasingly used. Nowadays, PVC transparent thick film is not limited to set off the assembly line tabletop, but as a daily livelihood product, it has entered all fields of our livelihood. The PVC transparent thick sheet has excellent heat insulation and light transmittance, and is processed into a transparent soft curtain. Professional soft door curtain manufacturing factory uses PVC transparent thick film to make a variety of different functional soft curtain doors, used in food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, freezing, electronics, printing, packaging, supermarkets, installation, precision machinery, automobile production, logistics , Warehousing and other occupational workshops and plants. Originally, many people press a glass plate on the work desk to facilitate writing tasks. Nowadays, PVC transparent thick sheets are replacing glass as everyone's new favorite. Impact resistance, no deformation, no cracking, light and flexible, excellent paper and pen touch when writing on it, clear stamping, warm in winter and cool in summer, always keep your desk warm, soft and comfortable for writing tasks. Applicable to bank, hospitals, government agencies, various units and companies for document processing, which helps improve performance and reduce costs. In the family livelihood, the high-grade PVC transparent thick sheet is soft and transparent, easy to remove, and can heat tea, hot soup, resist heavy pressure, non-toxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly. Let it be widely used in furniture countertops such as dining tables, coffee tables, writing tables, bedside tables and TV cabinets. Effectively avoid scalding and scratching the furniture countertops, making your furniture more usefully maintained, extending the service life of the furniture, reducing the cost of cleaning, elegant and beautiful.

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