The material of self-adhesive sticker has the greatest influence on the price of self-adhesive stickerl, which is the most critical factor in determining self-adhesive sticker. Under normal circumstances, the self-adhesive sticker with good quality require uniform density, good smoothness and moderate thickness, so that the self-adhesive sticker made of such self-adhesive printing materials can meet the quality requirements, avoid the problems of color difference and transmittance, and avoid the phenomenon of uneven ink absorption in printing.

Another important factor affecting the price of self-adhesive sticker is what kind of adhesive layer to choose. Under normal circumstances, the back of self-adhesive sticker needs to be coated with a layer of adhesive layer. At present, there are many kinds of adhesives for self-adhesive sticker sold in the market, and the quality is also very different. If you choose a high-quality self-adhesive coating, the printing cost will increase relatively, which will lead to a relatively high price of self-adhesive sticker. However, using self-adhesive coatings with good quality will not only be more convenient to use.

The above is related to the quotation introduction of self-adhesive sticker. It is not difficult to see that the main factors that determine the price are the material of sticker and the quality of adhesive layers. Of course, the quotations of self-adhesive sticker from different manufacturers will be slightly different.

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