This game bouta be NBA 2K21 MT so trash lmao. I don't find any reason to buying it unless you can not get an upgraded console. I don't even get why next gen are a great reason for it. I have not looked to much into it assumed it'd be different than the ps4/xbox 1 version. I probably wasn't going to get it though. I don't see why it'd be. Better images perhaps. Possibly a couple more features, but they will probably just be tacked on garbage. What matters is gameplay mechanics, and there's no reason why next gen would differ. It'll sell all the same, and therefore don't expect anything.

Probably. I recall what they attempted to perform when the ps4/xbone came out and the new gen variant was practically a different game. I don't have any idea if it will follow the same theme, but I would not purchase this version until I know what the one around the corner is gonna be. I mean 2k14 was a gigantic step up about the newest consoles compared to the prior ones. I'm buying it because I'm getting an updated console.

If I buy next gen just, regular will cost $70 alone therefore it makes more sense to buy this manner. Plus I can play MyTeam early to get a few months. I'm buying it because MyTeam this season seems cool. You're spending $60 to play 1 game mode? I do not play MyCareer, only MyTeam but sometimes play Play Today or Playoffs when people come about. And people will buy it all the same. Didn't realize I just had 5 games, created a stupid amount of builds, analyzed most and loathed themused up my 5 matches.

Yeah 5 NBA quick games. You're in a position to create 6 MyCareer assembles per accounts. 2K allows 5 profiles connected to a single system. So if you used up your 6 assembles, create a new psn and you're going to have another 6. Its so great to see another meme from the legend himself. Its been some time since I have seen memes from you. Much appreciated man thanks to the support too. Okay so the shooting is a known problem.

Ive been ruining on every build, constantly having close triple doubles even on the 6'0 pure sharp that I made. Hopefully the match is far better than what's shown on the demo. The game is literally out weekly. Just save up for the next gen version. They have been pulling the buy 2K21 MT identical shit since 2K14 with releasing poor versions in present gen. I am not even sure why people would expect the next gen model to be any better at this point. That's all they're concerned about today.