UV Protection

One of the main complaints associated with wood deck boards is discoloration after years, or even just months, of exposure to sunlight. UV rays are the active agent of solar weathering and can be quite damaging to deck boards over time. These harmful rays dry out the cellular structure of traditional decking boards, leaving one-rich, brown hues a drab weathered grey. And consequently, if discolored boards ever need to be replaced, the new replacement board will be in sharp contrast to the battered look of the existing wood boards.

The 4x8 pvc foam board product lines, like Fortress® Apex™ PVC decking, address this issue by encapsulating every individual board in an acrylic polymer that acts as “decking sunscreen.” Using acrylic polymers to provide a barrier between UV rays is extremely effective, and offers added benefits such as high gloss, color retention, durability and the ability to transmit water vapor more efficiently. With PVC, homeowners can rest easy knowing their decking will retain its rich color even after years of exposure to the sun (and the Joneses would never guess it’s not brand new).

Slip Resistance

In addition to offering elevated UV protection, 4x8 PVC foam board provides some of the highest slip resistance ratings in the industry. Slip resistance is assessed by a third-party testing facility and can be quantified by tests such as the Wet Pendulum test, Coefficient of Friction test, Wet-barefoot Inclining Platform test and Oil-wet Inclining Platform test. These tests are designed to measure the coefficient of friction, or the resistance to slip accidents, of various flooring surfaces.

Perhaps most suitable for 4x8 PVC foam board applications is the Wet-barefoot Inclining Platform test - a ramp test that involves bare feet and soapy water. This test is highly practical, as it measures the risk of a barefoot person running around wet surfaces, such as the deck around a swimming pool, at a 24 degree or greater incline.

By testing deck boards under applicable conditions before bringing them to market, PVC manufacturers are able to reduce the likelihood of falls from slipping in high-moisture conditions. And, while the level of slip-resistance of 4x8 PVC foam boards varies by brand, most boards utilize an acrylic resin cap with a slightly “grabby” surface to provide enhanced levels of friction when compared to other decking alternatives.

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