The evaporative condenser combines the separate condensation process in the water-cooled condenser and the cooling tower with the water cooling process. It uses cooling water to be distributed on the surface of the heat exchanger as a thin film, and the water film is in direct contact with forced air. The material to be cooled transfers heat to the water film, the water film undergoes unsaturated evaporation and exchanges and transfers heat and mass with the air, and then the heat is taken away by the air.

1. The evaporative condenser has a large temperature drop, and the cooling medium in the cooling coil needs to evaporate a large amount of heat by the spray water outside the tube, so it can theoretically be close to the ambient wet bulb temperature;

2. The cooling medium in the evaporative condenser coil has a high degree of cleanliness. Because the cooling coil in the evaporative condenser is closed in a loop, it is not polluted by the external environment, reducing the possibility of scaling, and is more conducive to the effectiveness of the system run;

3. The evaporative condenser coil has good closing performance. Because the cooling coil reduces the connecting parts and reduces the possibility of system leakage, it is more suitable for fluid cooling systems that require high system tightness;

4. Improve production efficiency, soften water circulation, no scaling, no blockage, no loss; extend equipment life, ensure reliable and stable operation of equipment, reduce failures, and prevent accidents; fully enclosed circulation, no impurities, no medium evaporation, no pollution ; Improve plant utilization factor, no need for pool, reduce land occupation and save space; occupy small space, easy to install, move and arrange, compact structure; convenient operation, stable operation, high degree of automation; save operating cost, automatic switching of multiple modes, Intelligent control; it has a wide range of uses, and the medium that does not corrode the heat exchanger can be directly cooled.

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