What kinds of molds are there? The 20L Bucket Mould is one of them.

Stamping die: Divided into punching die, bending die, stretching die, and compression die. Processing metal plates.

Plastic mold: Divided into compression molding mold, injection molding mold, extrusion molding mold, blow molding mold, vacuum molding mold. Processing thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics.

Die casting mold: pressure casting mold. Processing low melting point alloys.

Forging die: forging into a mold. Processing metal.

Powder metallurgy mold: pressure forming mold. Processing metal powder.

Ceramic mold: pressure forming mold. Processing ceramic powder.

Rubber molds: divided into compression molding molds, injection molding molds, and extrusion molding molds. Processing rubber.

Glass mold: divided into compression mold and blow mold. Processing glass.

Casting molds: Divided into sand molds, shell molds, lost wax molds, pressure casting molds, and metal molds. Process molten alloy.

In addition, 18L Bucket Mould is also our main product.