While most people consider golf to be a summer sport, I and many of my golf buddies aren’t afraid to play when it’s cold outside, often hitting the links in January when we get a 45-degree day and there’s not too much snow.

Hot chocolate is too calorie-laden and coffee simply has too much caffeine for me: the overstimulation leads to excess nerves and jitteriness. But a nice warm thermos of GREEN TEA 9371 delivers the perfect inner warming sensation along with the right amount of caffeine to glean the mental focus benefits we’ve already covered.

When it’s cold out, many athletes neglect proper hydration, forgetting that all exercise requires liquid replenishment. Taking along a steaming thermos of green tea for drinking before and during your round of golf makes hydration a true pleasure rather than a burden.

To sum it up: green tea will help your golf game and may even improve your fitness level too. It’s ideal for hydration during the round and gives you a mental focus edge that just might propel you to victory in your next club championship. Whether it’s piping hot or poured over ice, green tea should be considered part of your golf equipment.

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