Once everything is at hand, set the ball rolling with the assembling of the Custom Curtain rod. Since all our curtain rods can be adjusted to different widths, first up, you’ll have to decide on the desired width, which you can do by following this easy formula: the width of your window + the desired distance between the right finial and the window frame + the desired distance between the left finial and the window frame. When deciding on the distance between the finials and the window frame (extension), please bear in mind that it always depends on your curtains and how big you want your window to look. For example, if you are dealing with our blackout curtains, it’s advisable to go for a 12-inch extension. For our lace curtains, 3-4 inches are enough.

Once you settle on the desired width of your curtain rod, move on to the assembling of the rod. If you need a rod, which doesn’t exceed 81 inches wide, you’ll have to use one small-diameter and one large-diameter section. The third one can be discarded or stored.

To get a longer rod, you’ll have to do the following:

Unscrew a finial from the smaller section of the rod;
Transfer the finial to the larger diameter section;
Then, assemble 3 rods with the smaller one in the middle (you’ll need just to insert the smaller rod into the larger ones);
Once your rod is ready, there are a few more steps to make:

Extend your curtain rod to the desired width;
Remove the finials and shift a drapery treatment onto the rod (you can find plenty of these in our collection of curtains);
Screw the finials onto the rod and rotate for proper alignment.

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