Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is composed of honeycomb core material of aluminum panel and adhesive, which is suitable for civil buildings, vehicle and boat decoration, aviation, aerospace and other places. The aluminum honeycomb panel adopts hot pressing technology to form small holes on the aluminum honeycomb skin by the principle of expansion with heat and contraction with cold, and the gas in the aluminum panel can flow freely without deformation through the small holes. The special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb enhances the hardness, makes the panel stress uniform and keeps good flatness. The panel of aluminum honeycomb panel is usually fluorocarbon roll-coated panel, which can withstand long-term exposure to sun, rain and waste gas pollution.

Aluminum honeycomb panel has many advantages. Its panel adopts continuous roll coating technology to make its surface color uniform, beautiful and scratch-resistant, and has many colors. The aluminum honeycomb panel has good thermal insulation performance because of its unique honeycomb material, and because the aluminum material itself is non-combustible, it can also effectively prevent fire, and has convenient installation and low cost.

However, in addition to so many advantages, aluminum honeycomb panel still has some defects, that is, plasticity. Compared with aluminum veneer products, aluminum honeycomb panel has poor plasticity, and many unique shapes cannot be processed. Therefore, please consider the products rationally and choose according to your own needs.

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