At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic situation in novel coronavirus is serious nationwide. In order to effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate the harm of air-borne diseases to the unit, guide and standardize the work of staff at all posts to deal with sudden air-borne diseases, reduce the harm of air-borne diseases to the masses to a greater extent, safeguard people's physical and mental health and life safety, maintain social stability, and achieve coordinated and sustainable development, this plan is specially compiled.

How to do a good job in cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning system components?

1. The filter and filter screen must be cleaned or replaced before the air conditioning system operates. During operation, all filters in buildings with sudden medical records and air conditioning systems must be disinfected before replacement. All filters of the air conditioning system should be cleaned or replaced once a week during the epidemic period.

2. The surface cooler, heater and wet film humidifier in the air-conditioning box must be disinfected and rinsed before the air-conditioning system operates. Air-conditioning boxes that bring back air during operation should be disinfected and rinsed once or twice a week. Fresh air conditioning units should be disinfected and rinsed once a week. During disinfection, the air inlet and outlet doors of the air conditioning box must be closed.

3. Before the operation of the air conditioning system, the condensate water tray in the air conditioning box, the spray chamber and the water tank in the humidification section must be scrubbed with disinfectant and then rinsed with water. In the future operation process, it is advisable to rinse with water once a day. Other functional sections in the air conditioning box must be kept dry and clean and free of accumulated water.

4. Condensate water trays of air conditioning units, and condensate trays with fan coil units installed in the open and closed positions, must maintain smooth condensate drainage and eliminate water storage grooves. Where conditions permit, spray disinfection can be done once a week.

5. Condensate water of air conditioning units, fan coil units and independent air conditioners (machines) serving highly infectious infectious patients, suspected patients, medical observation objects or close contacts must be collected separately and discharged only after disinfection.

6. Air supply and return outlets in air-conditioned rooms should be cleaned frequently and kept clean.

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