The healthiest way to dry your hair is to air dry, but since most of us don’t have time to do this, we use one of the fastest and easiest methods available today. Of course it is a Gama IQ Hair Dryer! Although there are two types of hair dryer on the market today-hat hair dryer and hand-held hair dryers-I think you would agree that most people use the latter at home. The hair dryer basically uses a motor to blow hot air to dry the hair quickly.

Today, this basic hair care tool has more options than ever before. Not only can you get many different accessories, you can also choose the technology to get the results you want. The dryer comes with straightening attachments, curling attachments, diffuser, etc. The diffuser is a great accessory for creating volume and body. For curly hair, it is ideal because it can make the curls softer and spread out, thereby making the curls smoother, so you don't feel frizzy in the end.

You can get a basic hair dryer using hot air. If you don't dry it every day or for too long and you already have healthy hair, this should be great for you. For people who use Gama Professional hair dryers every day, and people who use them for a long time to style and change the texture of their hair, look for ionic or ceramic hair dryers, or use both at the same time.

The Gama IQ Hair Dryer blows the charged ions onto the hair with warm air, thereby breaking down water molecules into smaller sizes, making it easier for the hair to absorb. Ions surround the hair shaft to prevent the loss of natural oils and retain moisture. They can also close the stratum corneum, making the skin look smoother and shiny. You will also notice that this type of dryer reduces drying time and reduces curling and static electricity. Tourmaline is one of the latest technologies used in hair dryers. Tourmaline is a gem and a natural source of negative ions.

The ceramic hair dryer is equipped with ceramic coils to maintain uniform temperature and consistent heat dissipation, so it will not damage the hair. As we all know, ceramic technology can help hair retain its natural moisture and oil, and help break down bacterial accumulation.

Do not wind the cord around the dryer, otherwise the cord may be frayed or damaged, causing danger. Of course, a retractable rope is ideal and can eliminate this problem.

Make sure to clean the blower frequently. Too much fluff can block the airflow and cause the blower to overheat. I prefer dryers with removable fluff traps for easy cleaning. When they don’t have this option, I use a vacuum cleaner.

Try to blow dry at least once a week to give your hair a break. Even with all the new technologies, the heat will still damage your hair to a certain extent.

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