There are many different brands and types of shampoo suitable for hair, from cheap and common brands that you can buy in local supermarkets, individuals and pharmacies, to brands such as Fanola more expensive shampoo brands. can. It can only be purchased from professional salons and shops. So how to choose?

First, you must understand your hair type. If you have permed or dyed your hair recently, you can easily determine the type of shampoo you need. If your hair is perm, you may need to use a special shampoo for perm to protect the curls. If you have dyed your hair recently, then you will need a shampoo to protect the color without peeling it from your hair.

A Fanola Shampoo for dyed hair is also a shampoo with a higher moisturizing content, because the hair is usually very dry after dyeing. Is your hair dry, greasy, thin or rough? Then, you will need another formula of shampoo to meet your special needs. You can ask a trusted hairstylist to recommend products for you, or search on beauty or hairstyling forums to learn about people’s recommendations for Asian hairdressing products.

It is always a good thing to know the claims made by shampoo manufacturers, because some manufacturers have not really fulfilled their claims. The only requirement of the US Food and Drug Administration is the ingredient list on the back of the shampoo bottle, which must truthfully reflect the ingredients used in the product.

This means that manufacturers can claim that their shampoo can moisturize the hair or increase the volume of Asian hair, regardless of whether they actually do so. However, most consumers don't even want to read the list, let alone know the importance of these ingredients. If the product is cheap and affordable, you can buy it through trial and error to see if the shampoo actually meets its requirements. If it is expensive, you may want to seek the opinions and experience of others from people you know or online forums before deciding whether you really want to invest.

You must also understand that most shampoos and conditioners can only leave residual marks on the hair after shampooing before they can temporarily work on the hair. They will not have a long-term effect on your hair condition at all. You will need to use a Fanola Shampoo hair care conditioning mask on a regular basis to get improvement, and it usually takes longer.

Some people would rather buy cheap shampoos and conditioners and then invest in more expensive treatment products. Of course, there are some people who can afford it and can only buy higher-end and more expensive brands. The point is that there are no hard and fast rules.

Finally, you don’t have to believe that you have to use one brand’s entire hairdressing product line to get the best results. Each shampoo can cleanse the hair, and each conditioner can condition the hair. You can mix and match products from Canada Beauty Supply for different hair styles or brands, and stick to a certain type or combination after you find something that suits you.

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