We can see all kinds of container houses in many places now, some are newsstands and breakfast cars on street corners; some are temporary residences on construction sites; some are troops and test bases stationed in the field. It can be seen that it plays a very important role in many fields.

Of course, this is inseparable from the excellent features of container houses, such as safety, reliability, environmental protection, comfort, and affordable prices, so they are more and more popular and loved by different consumer groups.

Everyone knows that there is not much difference between a container house and a commercial house in terms of occupancy, that is, there are differences in terms of service life and mobility.

The service life of a container house is generally its service life, which is directly related to the quality of the raw materials used in its production. Even the manufacturer cannot be summed up with a simple number, but in general, its service life is relatively long. If the manufacturer will use high-quality color steel plate or steel structure to make it, plus the following With proper maintenance, the service life of container houses can reach 30 years or more.

If the container house is carefully maintained, it can be sold when it is not in use to enter the second-hand market. This will improve its use efficiency and conform to the national environmental protection concept. Of course, some relatively simple container houses are often made. If it is modified and changed without maintenance, the service life can only be two to five years, so if you want to have a long service life, you should use it well.

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