1. The size of the bronzing area

Different types of bronzing materials have different tightness of the separating layer. When the size of the bronzing area changes significantly, it is also very important to choose hot stamping foil. Generally, bronzing paper can be divided into fine bronzing, medium and small area color blocks, large area color blocks, and full area. Hot stamping, etc. When the hot stamping area changes significantly, the transfer force of the hot stamping material is not the same. If you choose an inappropriate hot stamping material, it will often cause the hot stamping to be weak, the hot stamped graphics and text will become faint, dizzy, and the writing will be blurred. Blurred version, uneven edges of graphics and text, and unclear.

  1. The choice of bronzing version

The most commonly used bronzing plates are copper plate, zinc plate, copper plated zinc plate and silicone plate. The copper plate has the characteristics of strong heat resistance and certain flexibility, which is suitable for the production of large-scale orders and the production quality is relatively stable. The texture of zinc plate is relatively soft, the price is cheap, and it is suitable for the production of small batch orders. Taking into account the changes in the order quantity characteristics of traditional printing, the usage rate is increasing. Some even use better silica gel plates instead. The production staff should select the bronzing version with the appropriate price and meeting the production needs according to the characteristics of the order and the requirements of the customer.

  1. Hot stamping requirements

Knowing whether other post-processing is needed after bronzing is also one of the key factors in choosing bronzing materials. Modern packaging and printing products often undergo multiple printing and post-press processing, but some processing techniques have narrow post-processing suitability. When the process is completed, the subsequent process cannot be carried out. Therefore, when selecting bronzing materials, production should be considered Process sequence arrangement.

  1. Hot stamping equipment

The hot stamping speed of different hot stamping equipment is very different. Domestic hot stamping equipment generally adopts fully automatic high-speed machines (the high-speed machines here are not commonly referred to as pneumatic automatic machines, and pneumatic automatic machines are in fact semi-automatic machines), semi-automatic machines, manual machines Waiting for hot stamping machine. Under normal circumstances, high-speed hot stamping equipment chooses anodized aluminum material to be easy to separate.

  1. Price selection

It is customary to think that the quality of high-priced products must be good. Of course, this is a general rule, but more is to combine actual production needs and other process requirements. Currently on the market, a roll of cheap anodized aluminum is only about 60 yuan, while the imported one is even hundreds to thousands of yuan. At this time, we should not be too superstitious about foreign materials or high-priced materials in the face of such a wide disparity in prices. For the purpose of ironing fast, applicable, beautiful and economical.

  1. Other bronzing materials and processes

In addition to the commonly used bronzing paper bronzing which can achieve the industrial production requirements of exquisite pattern bronzing, other bronzing materials can also be selected, such as color chip bronzing, color foil bronzing, metal foil bronzing, etc., and different processing techniques can also be selected , Such as scanning gold technology, screen printing and hot stamping technology, etc., can bring exceptionally beautiful effects.

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