1. Material of solid wood pole

The solid wood Custom Curtain rod is made of native wood strips, which are natural and compatible and match the decoration style of the countryside (rural decoration renderings). If the home decoration style is not pastoral series, it doesn't matter. Choose a solid wood curtain rod and match it with a monochrome or simple line curtain cloth. No matter what style of room it is hung in, it will not appear abrupt.

Features: The solid wood curtain rod will not appear deformed or cracked, so it is more suitable for southern families.

  1. Aluminum alloy rod material

Aluminum alloy material is light, plasticity and corrosion resistance are better, aluminum alloy curtain rod is economical and practical, fashionable and generous, it is the choice of many people at present. Moreover, the metal texture of the curtain rod also ensures the coordination with a variety of curtain fabrics.

Features: One of the biggest outstanding advantages is that it is flexible and rigid, and can be bent greatly.

  1. Material of iron rod

Iron metal has good ductility and is easy to process, so iron curtain rods have better artistic expression (artistic decoration renderings). Curtain rods made of stainless steel or tungsten steel currently on the market also fall into this category. An obvious feature of this type of curtain rod is the variety of flower head shapes. The iron curtain rod is matched with silk or gauze curtains for the bedroom (bedroom decoration renderings), the effect will be very good.

Features: The iron curtain rod is simple and simple, with equal emphasis on rigidity and softness, diverse in shape and artistic.

Four, special steel rod material

Steel-wood curtain rods didn't come out for a long time, but with their outstanding characteristics of durability, they quickly became favored by consumers. The steel-wood curtain rod is a wooden strip (of course there is also a hollow) in a steel tube. The surface of the rod is a layer of wood grain glue, which has a strong imitation wood effect and looks like solid wood.

Features: Another feature of steel-wood curtain rods is that they have a large load-bearing capacity, and even thick curtains will not bend and deform.

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