Buy Barber Supplies and beauty salon equipment is a broad term for equipment used in salons. The type of equipment required by salons depends on the services they provide. New salon owners who like simplicity, even experienced owners, will benefit from buying second-hand equipment. Most salons offer services such as tanning, hair cutting and styling, manicures, pedicures, and day spas due to popular demand. These services can be done in a salon, but are usually performed separately in a hair salon, nail salon and tanning salon. The price of new equipment can easily reach thousands of dollars, while second-hand equipment is more economical. Most devices can be found at reasonable prices through e-commerce sites and online catalogs. When buying second-hand equipment, the buyer should check whether the product is working properly and whether there are damaged parts.

Hair Salon Equipment Canada

Basic hair salon equipment includes shampoo chair, wash basin, trolley, styling chair, hair dryer and mirror. They can be found in a variety of styles and have many functions, but most salons prefer to use simple and practical equipment. Used hair salon equipment in good condition is a good choice for new salon owners. The salon will also need supplies such as shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products. It is recommended that the hair salon only buy new shampoo, conditioner and any other items used on the customer’s hair or skin.

Nail salon equipment and supplies

The Salon Equipment Canada of the nail salon includes a manicure table, nail dryer, upholstered chairs and stools for pedicure, so that the technician can sit comfortably while manicuring the client. Some manicure tables have storage areas and polishing racks for storing nail polish, nail polish, cuticle softener, nail buffer and other nail care products. Buying second-hand equipment with good nail conditions will benefit many salons that provide nail services. However, it is recommended that they buy new nail polishes, solutions and other things that are suitable for customers' nails or skin.

Buy Barber Supplies

The tanning salon is one of the most popular salon services. Sunbathing salon equipment usually includes vertical sunbathing booths and sunbeds. The booths allows customers to stand up while tanning. They are surrounded by plexiglass with tanned light bulbs behind the plexiglass. Sunbathing booths are usually made of steel, wood or plastic and are usually designed to fit all body shapes and sizes.

The tanning bed allows the client to lie down while tanning. They are usually made of steel frames and use 100-160 watt sunbathing bulbs. The part where they lie is made of plexiglass, and the tanning bed will have a pull-down tanning cover, which is also made of plexiglass to ensure even tanning. All equipment used in the tanning salon is equipped with a timing mechanism so that the equipment will shut down after a predetermined time. There is also a built-in safety cut-off mechanism that allows customers to shut down the equipment in an emergency or in case of failure.

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