Im more than happy to PSO2 Meseta have bought about 50k AC and 6k SG in one month, would and likely will do it again because PSO2 is simply remarkable. The Tweaker team should receive part of their revenue because with no NA PC version would have dropped tons of players.

I have been out of the loop for pso2: NGS information, but has Sega addressed the shifting of costumes as of yet?

NGS:PSO2 is essentially the ARR of PSO2. A new game constructed the previous one's foundations off. They have not been super unique but they have said that you can move characters over but it is not 1-to-1 since it is technically a new game.

They also have said that both matches will operate simultaneously, so people can keep playing with the first pso2 .

Ok, consider the PSO2 games as Sword Art Online's setting after the initial arc.

You've got this personality, which you can convert for a character in another game.

Difference between SAO and PSO, your initial character is not deleted and you can move items back and forth between the 2 games, even if your gameplay progression in the two games are separate.

For men and women that absolutely cannot invest in any game there's the nifty Microsoft reward points that can net you a bit of AC. All is also do searches for reward points and download the Bing app. It is going to take about 2 months to get 5k points you can get a 5$ Microsoft gift card. Downside is, You Need to use the Microsoft shop client to use this AC

I bet a lot of that is the cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta timing of the pandemic lockdown tho.