As a large-capacity packaging container, 20L Bucket Moulds are generally produced using 450-700 tons injection molding machines based on factors such as production capacity, selling price, cost, and profit. When a smaller tonnage injection molding machine is used to produce 20L barrels with in-mold paste technology, there will be a problem of insufficient mold opening stroke. Insufficient mold opening strokes are the same for top-access and side-access in-mold stickers. In the design of the specific in-mold sticking scheme, the design engineer of the in-mold sticking system will adopt SW850 to modify the design according to the specific model parameters of the customer's injection molding machine and mold, and adopt the one-step or two-step method for 20L barrel in-mold stick production. .

Features of filming solution

  1. The side-taken in-mold labeling system can obtain a more stable operation effect because of the shorter movement track, and the in-mold time is shorter.
  2. The two-step design is a good combination of the shortcomings of the small-tonnage injection molding machine's insufficient mold opening stroke and the high cost of the large-tonnage injection molding machine to achieve a good return on investment with a lower equipment investment.
  3. The modular design is convenient for users to replace new IMD product lines in the future at a lower cost.

The in-mold sticking method of the 18L Bucket Mould is consistent with the above description. Welcome to consult and purchase.