In recent years, with the increasing awareness of people's environmental protection, container houses as a new architectural concept have been loved and sought after by the public. The container house is a construction that saves time and effort, and can be moved at any time. The most important thing is to meet the high standards of modern society for green environmental protection.

PTH's first container house was completed in 2008 and exported to New Caledonia. PTH is a national level high-tech enterprise, and it attributes its success to continuous focus on innovation of new products and technology.

Features of container house:

1. Superior performance

The container house takes the container as the main element, through the combination of different boxes, combined with the concept of green environmental protection, to create a new field of container house application.

Since containers were originally used to carry goods, container houses have inherent advantages in retrofitting. The advantages of the container's structural strength, airtightness, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and deformation resistance, etc., are copied to the container house intact. This makes the advantages of container houses and buildings of the same type in terms of load capacity and seismic and wind resistance very prominent.

2. Simple structure

The container house adopts prefabricated production, most of the components are prefabricated in the factory, which greatly shortens the construction period of the construction site, reduces the environmental pollution caused by the construction process, and is convenient to install and disassemble, and can be moved to any place.

Compared with traditional buildings, container houses have a simple structure, save materials and are environmentally friendly, which can not only reduce the generation of construction waste by 70%, but also shorten the construction period by 60%.

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