This morning, your body wanted to fall asleep and eventually woke up too late, less than thirty minutes from work, and the traffic was so bad. What to do when your bedside is not enough? When such things happen-and you know they don't happen by accident-your hair dryer is your best friend to your hair. Just spray a little water on your hair and aim the hair dryer at you. But which dryer is best for you? Read on to learn what you must consider when preparing the best dryer for you from Wholesale Beauty Supply.

Your own hair strands-the first thing to look at is your hair. If you have straight hair, you may need to add some volume to increase the vitality of the style. Or, if you have curly hair, it may take longer to straighten it out. Curly hair is usually also vulnerable to more damage. To achieve versatility, the best hair dryer should have different heat levels to suit your hair type and hair humidity. The rule of thumb is: as the hair becomes dry, gradually reduce the heat to avoid damage to the hair. To provide more protection, apply some serum before drying your hair.

The hairstyle you want-sometimes you want to go straight, and sometimes you want to leave a little wave at the bottom of your hair. The best hair dryer fits your style and day anytime, anywhere, it all depends on the nozzle. The smaller the nozzle, the more concentrated the heat around the hair, which makes the hair look straighter. For clothes dryers that go with the wind, please choose a clothes dryer that has been added accessories so that you can adjust the nozzle from large to small according to your style. Some people also put an extra nozzle with small hairs on it for sexy ladies who have extra curly hair.

Material-Nowadays, most hairdressers swear on ion hair dryers, they are the best choice for the best hair dryer. Compared with conventional dryers, the particles produced by ion dryers are called negative ions. These particles are charged and, when bonded to the hair, will shorten the drying process by half, which means your hair is less damaged by heat. Result: It can blow dry hair faster, reduce frizz better and make hair brighter. In addition, by reducing the time for hair to dry, you can also reduce electricity bills.

All in all, the multifunctional hair dryer is the best hair dryer you can put in the dresser drawer. Look for adjustable heat and speed, accessories and IQ Blow Dryer.

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