Are the curtains meant to be functional? If you want drapery that opens and closes, Curtain rod Manufacturers suggested traverse rods. With regular rods and rings you’ll find yourself using your hands to open and close the curtains; it’s awkward and causes more wear and tear on the fabric. Traverse curtain rods with a cord allow you to open and close curtains to your heart’s content.
Is your window wider than thirty-six inches? Rods that long need a center support bracket, which prevents the curtains from closing completely. For larger windows, French doors, patio sliders and any other large opening, traverse curtain rods with a pull cord will allow you to open and close the curtains smoothly.
Are you layering window treatments? If you’re layering sheers and another fabric or adding a valance, you’ll need double curtains rods. Rather than stacking two separate rods, which uses up a lot of depth, makes installation tricky, and can look cluttered, a double traverse curtain rod hides all of the working parts and still gives you the layered look.

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