How to strengthen the regular inspection, adjustment and maintenance of the triangular belts. In order to ensure the normal operation of the V-belt, the use of the V-belt should be checked regularly, and it should be replaced in time when it is found to be severely worn, cracked, aging, and folded. If it is stained with oil, clean it. If the installation is too tight and the V-belt is severely deformed, it will shorten the life of the V-belt. At the same time, it will also cause the bearing to heat up due to excessive radial force and accelerate the damage of the bearing; V-belt If it is too loose, the driven machine will not reach the rated speed and even slip. Check the tightness of the V-belt, add 2kg vertical load to the middle of each belt, and the sag is 30-50mm.

Maintenance of V-belt

  (1) When the tension of the triangle tape is checked regularly, the specified requirements cannot be met after adjustment, and a new triangle tape must be replaced. When replacing, all belts on the same pulley should be replaced at the same time, otherwise due to the difference between the new and the old, the length is different, the load on the V-belt will be unevenly distributed, causing the vibration of the V-belt, the transmission is not stable, and reducing the V-belt transmission Work efficiency.

   (2) During use, the operating temperature of the V-belt should not exceed 60°C. Do not apply belt grease casually. If you find that the surface of the V-belt is shiny, it means that the V-belt has slipped. First, remove the dirt on the surface of the belt, and then apply an appropriate amount of belt wax. When cleaning the V-belt, use warm water instead of cold or hot water.

(3) For various types of V-belts, it is not advisable to apply rosin or viscous substances, and prevent the V-belt from being contaminated with oil, butter, diesel and gasoline, otherwise it will corrode the V-belt and shorten its service life. The groove of the V-belt must not be oiled, otherwise it will slip. The maintenance of the hexagonal belts are the same as the above description. Welcome to consult and contact us.