The oil resistance of polyurethane V-belt and the introduction of oil resistance V-Belt are as follows:

Polyurethane is a polymer containing urethane groups in the main chain of the macromolecule called polyurethane. It has good oil resistance and has oil resistance equivalent to that of polysulfide rubber. Therefore, the polyurethane V-belt also has quite high oil resistance.

Other properties of polyurethane triangle belt

  1. Higher mechanical strength and oxidation stability;
  2. It has high flexibility and resilience;
  3. Has excellent solvent resistance, water resistance and fire resistance;
  4. Wear-resistant. Good name of "wear-resistant rubber";
  5. Good shock absorption, radiation resistance and breathability resistance;
  6. Excellent ozone resistance.

Disadvantages of polyurethane triangle belt

Polyurethane has a large internal heat generation and general high temperature resistance, especially poor heat and humidity resistance. The normal operating temperature range is -40~120℃. If it needs to work under high-frequency oscillation conditions or high temperature conditions for a long time, corresponding modification measures must be taken in the structural design or formula. high temperature resistance V-Belt is also our product, welcome to consult and contact us.