Jiaxing Mirror Acrylic is a engineering company with overall soluprofessional company engaged in aquarium design, production, on-site construction and post-maintenance. It specializes in providing acrylic sheets, ornamental fish tanks, and acrylic for customers in the aquarium engineering, aquarium ornamental industry, hotel industry, and marine entertainment industry. A professional aquatic tions for tunnel and aquatic landscape engineering design and construction.

The company adopts the casting production process and the seamless splicing method of bulk polymerization, which can ensure that the fish tank is firmly bonded, the whole is transparent, the shape is beautiful, and the transparency is high. And according to customer requirements, professionally customize the design and installation of various large-scale fish tanks, borderless swimming pools, and aquariums.

It is a good choice to choose a new type of acrylic fish tank to decorate your home, but where is the fish tank installed and how to install the acrylic fish tank? The first thing to consider is the location of the fish tank. Take the installation at home as an example, the acrylic fish tank should be installed near the power socket, which also takes into account the power requirements of the filter system.

There are also other considerations for the placement, such as the reason of Feng Shui, which position to choose in the home, and so on. This is the case at home, as well as in companies and other places. After selecting the location, lay a layer of mat on the ground, which can be made of soft plastic film and other materials.

Generally speaking, because the raw materials of acrylic fish tanks are not easily broken and damaged than glass raw materials, the requirements for installation and construction are not high, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the surrounding environment and clean it. If you trip over wires, ropes, etc., it may be scratched by hard objects. Phenomenon such as flower fish tank should also be avoided. In addition, if it is a relatively large fish tank, the installation depends on the load-bearing capacity of the house, because the fish tank itself plus the water after the fish is very large.

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