There are also good and bad tea leaves, so for tea drinkers, it is very important to choose the quality tea leaves. So how to distinguish the pros and cons of green tea? Let's look down!

  The shape of each GREEN TEA 3505 is different. Some are cord-shaped, some are needle-shaped, and some are pointed. A good green tea has its own unique side no matter from the appearance or the inside.

   To identify the pros and cons of green tea, we must also identify the shape, color and aroma of dry tea.

   One, dry tea shape
  Good green tea is carefully selected in the process of processing into finished tea. Its shape must be uniform in size and length, and the dry tea must be highly tender and dry. The tea package is clean, and it does not contain tea stems, fish leaves and other sundries when taking the tea to make a drink.

   2. Dry tea color
  Good green tea has the same color and luster. Even if the tea leaves are light green in the middle and dark green on the side of the leaves, this is directly related to the tea processing technology. No debris will appear in the dry tea.

   Three, dry tea aroma
   Smelling the fragrance of tea is a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Fresh green tea has a pure aroma. The fragrance of green tea is divided into: green grass fragrance, chestnut fragrance, cooked fragrance. When smelling dry tea, you can feel: "I have not tasted the nectar, first smell the holy fragrance." It is a faint tea fragrance that lasts and does not diffuse.

   Some green tea, because the processing technology does not meet the standard, the pot temperature is not well grasped during the frying process, and the burnt smell will also appear. This directly affects the quality of tea.

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