The first layer of hot stamping foil is the base film. It is composed of biaxially oriented polyester film. PET is usually used in the baidu. It is an intermediary that connects and supports in anodized aluminum.
The second layer is a peeling layer. Its main component is silicone resin, which will automatically melt and fall off after being heated, which is conducive to the transfer of aluminized layer.
The third layer is a colored layer. It is the main body of colored anodized aluminum (silver anodized aluminum does not have this layer), usually made of heat-resistant transparent synthetic resin (such as maleic anhydride resin) and dye, dissolved in an organic solvent, and coated directly on the peeling layer. surface.
The fourth layer is an aluminum plating layer. It is made of aluminum metal that vaporizes under high temperature and vacuum conditions, and evenly adheres to the surface of the colored layer, which plays a role in increasing the metallic luster.
The fifth layer is the hot melt adhesive layer. In anodized aluminum hot stamping, it is heated and melted and adheres to the surface of the printing material, which plays a role in fixing the aluminum-plated layer.

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