I believe everyone has heard of lightweight nylon fabric. Next, I will introduce the key points of the preservation of lightweight nylon fabrics:

First of all, there must be a sufficiently spacious warehouse. If the warehouse is small, it cannot be stacked in any way (it is difficult for a clever wife to cook without rice). Next, distinguish according to the type of fabric.

If stacked by mistake, it will not be conducive to ventilation. After storing for a long time, the middle part will get moldy, spots will appear on the cotton fabric, and the fastness of the fabric will decrease. You can tear the fabric gently with your hands. Everyone knows that this kind of fabric becomes waste fabric.

If it is stacked correctly, it is easy to manage. You can know what materials you want to find at a glance. The benefits are good for ventilation and easy for fire prevention. It is best to place cotton fabrics in a well-ventilated place, such as the nearest place to the door or window. One meter is a conventional door. Width, 6 to 7 rolls are placed in a row, the second layer is laid vertically and the number must be the same as the bottom, the third layer is still horizontal and the number is the same, and so on.

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