The cost of a marble cutting machine is only 40% of that of an ordinary cutting machine, plus protection. Such as converter operation, the price is hundreds of thousands, the market share will be doubled. The development strategy of "single product, small batch, single material, no maintenance" is technically feasible. Batch processing is the use of waste blast furnace blanks placed in an easy-to-cut length for mass production, thereby saving plant construction costs and labor and operating workload, and shortening the product replacement cycle. Therefore, it can be said that the project is in the general trend of production scale and product standardization.

Disadvantages of granite cutting machine: high cost of small batch production equipment, high operator requirements and high power consumption; the promotion progress is slow, and it is in the status quo. The spherical processing produces a spherical machine tool operation, the cost is low, but a complete single part can meet the requirements of different product processes, and the precision The four-axis machine is produced in large quantities, and the cost ranges from less than 150,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan. Disadvantages: Reverse stability.

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