Beijing Gongti Fuguo Underwater World is the first five-star ocean aquarium in Beijing, with the longest acrylic underwater tunnel in Asia, and one of the largest artificial "underwater worlds" in China. There are more than 5,000 tropical sea fishes living in Phu Quoc Underwater World. The seawater is artificially prepared. With "education, entertainment, and environmental responsibility" as its business purpose, it uses high technology to show visitors the magical and beautiful underwater world.

Phu Quoc Underwater World's curved and transparent undersea tunnels lead tourists to stroll through the undersea world, witnessing more than 5,000 different kinds of marine life close at hand; there are also marine fish exhibition areas, freshwater fish exhibition areas, shark and turtle ponds, and giant salamander ponds. All kinds of marine life.

Experienced divers and huge ferocious sharks staged a dance show with human sharks, and the mermaid show is also a major feature. In addition, there are many interactive sessions to participate, such as touch pool, fun fish feeding, listening to whale harbor, guessing, three-dimensional gallery, vacuum tank, the Antarctic scientific expedition exhibition is also an item not to be missed.

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