Everest Expeditions Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Is established to give best services to the people who come to visit the Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. It is one of best Expeditions leading Company in Nepal. Everest Expeditions Nepal provides all the facilities needed for hotel reservation, package tours, culture tours, trekking arrangements, peak Climbing, Expeditions, white water rafting, car rental and worldwide ticketing. The company's service will make valued guests enjoy a memorable stay in Nepal.

Everest Expeditions Nepal staff team consists of well trained, experienced and down-to-earth professionals. Our qualified bilingual and multilingual guides speak fluent English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and other languages that will help you see, feel and experience Nepal.

Everest Expeditions Nepal is committed to provide an integrated travel experience or lifestyle to customers with innovative and creative products through state of the art technology and a higher level of reliable customer service from a highly motivated & delegated team of professional & knowledgeable staff.

This agency manages overseas events or conventions and provides other travel services for all delegates.

Who is Everest Expeditions Nepal???
The Everest Expeditions Nepal team work from the knowledge that there is an undeniable fragility in our planet and tourism (trekking in our case) can have an impact either as a positive force for increased awareness and change, or as a contributor to cultural and environmental exploitation. Taking into consideration lessons learned from past experiences - the need for sustainable natural resources, cross-cultural exchange and, for tourist dollars to directly benefit the local economies through which they trek.

We Offer Mountaineering Expeditions in Nepal, Peak Climbing, Trekking in Nepal, Bhutan Tours, Tibet Tours, India Tours and Tour in Nepal, Tours in Nepal, Himalayan treks information, hiking in Nepal, rafting in Nepal, Sikkim tours Jungle safari, Eco tourism, Nepal travel information and many more Adventure tours / Trekking in Himalayas countries.

Why trek with Everest Expeditions Nepal?
Managed and operated by a group of dedicated and experienced people who are not only well versed in the adventure travel service business but also are committed to Conserving our natural and cultural diversity. Our treks, tours and expeditions trips are well equipment, offer optimum safety, and provide guides who have firsthand knowledge of the routes, natural history and cultural background.

Trained Trek Guides and Sherpas each of our treks is managed by a team of professionally trained trek guide, cook and Sherpas. Our leaders/guides and trek crew are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable holiday to our clients and in a Everest Expeditions Nepal Treks & Exp. friendly manner. High Quality Camping Equipment All our camping-treks are outfitted with the highest quality equipment available.
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