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Writing an essay, essay in English is not as easy a task as it may seem at first sight. In many universities (especially foreign ones), students are asked to write an essay at the entrance exam, thus checking their general erudition, language skills, ability to express their thoughts and ideas in a coherent and logical manner.


Of course, the structure of the essay in English, stylistics, your opinion on this or that issue, the richness of your vocabulary are important - each of these factors will influence the final result.


Is transtutors legit? Often, good preparation is enough for applicants if they have an Intermediate level of English.


Undoubtedly, a big role when writing an essay is played by preparation - the exam is complicated, it is necessary to practice writing, and it is not an easy job. However, the first thing an applicant needs to know is how long an essay should be written: as a rule, it is 200-300 words. After clarification of the data (if any), you can adjust the structure to the volume.


Even from school, everyone has memorized a similar structure of the text, it does not change when you apply to universities:


  • The first should write the title, that title of the text, which you think is more suitable for the essay;
  • After you need to write an introduction - a few sentences about what you will talk about below, what the topic is, why you chose it;
  • Next comes the main part of the text. 2-3 paragraphs, in which you tell, in fact, what you wanted to write about;
  • And finally, the conclusion. By volume approximately equal to the introduction. Summarize the main idea of what the text was written about.
  • In the main part, you should consider the main rule: each of them should start with the main sentence, and the rest should develop and complement it. Then you will be able to write your English essay correctly.

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