What is the beauty of a mature relationship?

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2021-11-04 05:48:07

But first it is important to understand how such a union should look like. Here are a few key signs of a mature, healthy relationship.

1. Your love is not like an obsession 
In a mature relationship there is a place for passion, but not for chaos and existence "on the edge". This does not mean that people do not quarrel in such unions — it happens to everyone. But mature partners strive to solve the problem and move on, not remembering each other's past and not asserting themselves at each other's expense.

The key to this is emotional constancy. Thanks to him, people feel safe from a physical, moral and sexual point of view.

2. You don't follow your exes on social networks 
There is nothing wrong with going on about curiosity one day and trying to find out what happened to your ex or ex-wife. But if you are constantly thinking about how to resume the old relationship, then you are treading on shaky ground.

One of the signs of mature love is that you do not doubt your choice of partner, do not look back and do not wonder, "what if ..."

3. You are not in a merger with a partner 
Just because you are two different people, with your friends and hobbies. You do not check someone else's phone and do not torment yourself with suspicions when a loved one is not around. And you certainly don't feel guilty after spending the weekend or Friday night with your buddies. You know that your partner is only glad that you have your own life outside of the relationship — as well as you.

4. You are not afraid that you will be abandoned 
Immature love goes hand in hand with doubts and uncertainty about the future: am I good enough, smart, attractive, successful for another? Does he really want to be with me? Will he call back? Won't he leave me? In a mature couple, both people trust each other, which means they can relax and be themselves.

5. You respect each other 
Mutual respect is the foundation on which mature relationships are built. It is expressed in the fact that you do not doubt the other's ability to solve problems, cope with stress or, for example, raise children. And also - in the ability to admire at least something in a partner: his or her talents, leadership qualities or ability to communicate with others.

6. Your condition does not depend on the mood of your partner 
It's normal to be sad when a partner feels bad and strive to support him. And it is also normal to rejoice with him. But in a mature relationship, you don't have to tiptoe when a loved one is out of sorts, and listen intently to the sound of his or her footsteps — in what mood is he (she) coming home today?

7. You are planning the future together 
You are not just discussing common goals and plans — where to live, have children or not — but also moving in the intended direction. At least in small steps.

8. Conflicts are not a threat to your relationship 
Quarreling with each other, you don't think about "stopping it all." Neither of you looks at the door, points it out to the other and threatens to leave. Yes, during the showdown, you may feel anxious, but at the same time you know that globally you are on the same side, at the same time. And that, despite all the differences, there is love between you, which keeps you together.

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