Gayness in old age?

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2021-11-04 08:37:38

No matter how old you are, this is the most important first step. It is very important that you understand who you are and what you expect from life, including in dating. Let you have a clear, vivid image, a "picture" of your ideal life will appear, including its love aspects. Take the time to do it! Do you want a long-term relationship, a partner for life, or just to meet? And what happens in your life in general? Who is your ideal companion, how would your relationship develop? The answers to these questions will tell you in which direction to move in order to achieve your goals. You will have guidelines to determine the right path. How big is the gap between reality and the ideal? You have to build a reliable bridge across this abyss and walk along it to success and happiness. Decide what you need; determine which values are important to you and are not subject to discussion, and what can be sacrificed for the sake of a relationship – so it will be easier for you to figure out which partners fit into the picture of your ideal future, and which do not.

Everything we say to ourselves affects our mood and behavior. The "monster" living in your head is a voice whispering (or screaming) negative statements about yourself and about the world around you. Our internal dialogues determine whether we look at the world with optimism and hope, or through the "glasses" of pessimism and denial. Listen carefully to what you say to yourself about middle age, dating, gays. Write down all your thoughts without trying to edit them. Just write it down. Now consider them. If there are phrases like, "I'm too old to find love," or "All the good guys were dismantled a long time ago," or "No one likes me, I'm 50!", give your monster a good kick. Don't fall into the trap of creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Start creating a list of opposing statements designed to counter negative thinking. The more you think about the adversities of middle age, the more they cover you. And you read about the stories of successful people or take a chance and win your own triumphant victory. Do not become a victim of gloomy moods. Train yourself to look at the mature years as a time when you reap the fruits of your life's labors.

There is no point in living with the memories of a long-past youth. You are as young as you feel young. We change with age. Fact. To deny it means to stop developing and prepare yourself for misfortunes and regrets. Learn to accept all the physical and emotional changes of middle age. Be proud of yourself and your life story. Make sure not to fall into the trap of common stereotypes about middle age. Resist age discrimination. For example, if you meet through websites, be honest, tell the truth about yourself and do not reduce your age. This way you are more likely to attract the right partners for you; remember, you do not need a thousand answers, but a response from people who are compatible with you.

Where to meet decent guys? Regardless of your age, this is one of the most important questions regarding dating. In fact, it's about your vision of life and your values. Although it seems that the best thing is to go to a bar, in reality it is a difficult place to meet. There are too many guys, it's too difficult to determine if one of them is suitable for the role of your life partner. The secret is to find yourself in places where there may be people who share your values, needs, preferences and goals. There you will be surrounded by other men who at least approximately share your vision of life. It will be easier for You to meet The Same Guy. What are these places? For example, volunteer work for a worthy project, charity, a support group, a sports club or a club for interesting hobbies. The possibilities are endless, but first you have to understand what is important to you and what your life passion is.

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