Mount Everest 8848M
Mount Everest 8848M
Follow us to the top of the world: Everest Expeditions Nepal is delighted to offer this once in a lifetime adventure. We provide world-class service from Everest Base Camp (EBC) to all the high camps of Mt. Everest from its South face in Nepal. We take care of you right from the arrival in Kathmandu. The price includes Hotel accommodation, the flight to Lukla in the Khumbu region, the trek to Base camp via Namche and tea house full board service during the trek before arriving to base camp; and of course the services at base camp and at the high camps. Let us take care of all the details – you can fully focus on your climb.
The climbing Guides of our company are highly skilled, regularly reviewed and re-trained and recognized for their training and experience throughout the profession. We only take the most experienced guides and staff on this expedition. This is a serious climb and mistakes can have serious consequences. This is why we focus extensively on safety and accident prevention for both clients and guides on our Everest expedition. No expedition is without risk and certainly not one to the highest Mountain of the world. However, we implement rigorous safety standards to minimize the risk. We’d also like to highlight that our guides and staff are all employed under ethical standards.
The exploration of Mount Everest has a long and varied history – from the first recognition of the peak, to the attempts of Mallory, Irvine, Norton & co and eventually the successful attempt of the British and the impressive solo ascent of Reinhold Messner.
The Sagarmatha (forehead of the sky) in Nepali is known as Mt. Everest throughout the world. With an altitude of 8848m, it is the highest peak on earth. The South face is recognized to lie in Nepal where as the North face is in China’s autonomous state Tibet. This world’s highest peak was first officially measured in 1856 during the Great Trigonometry Survey of British India government and then known as Peak XV
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