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  • How to Make Gold in WOW Classic
    Our World of Warcraft: Classic How-to Make Gold Guide features the best methods for farming and gaining gold in the game! Gold is a lot harder to come by in the old school WoW, and you'll need it for a variety of things to make your life easier when playing. WHY DO I NEED GOLD? It's important to understand that Gold is a lot harder to make in the Classic version of World of Warcraft. Players...
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  • Tips on Level Up Fast in WOW Classic
    World of Warcraft Classic is a nostalgic nightmare. Running through the old, familiar plains promises to delight veterans and newcomers alike. But this is also World of Warcraft without any of the modern improvements. If you’ve grown accustomed to the 8-12 hour leveling expectation that comes in modern World of Warcraft expansions, Classic’s average leveling time will upset you....
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