Friendship Society Nepal
Friendship Society Nepal
It is an immense pleasure and honor to write this message as a president of Friendship Society Nepal (FSN). We have prepared this report for informing our people the works done by FSN by far,which also includes its achievements and future plans. The report highlights the organization’s commitment to its service and transparency.
It’s been only five years since the establishment of FSN and there has been outstanding growth withinjust a few years. The main aim of FSN is to aid on environment conservation, drinking water, monastery construction, old heritage construction, and sustainable development, education for poor children, helping poor family, small community infrastructure and community health. Our overall aim is to create a better and ideal society for the minority and suppressed groups in our community. Our service has reached to majorities of rural places in Nepal like Solukhumbhu, Kavre, Dhading and many more. FSN projects ranges from Hydro Electricity Projects, Drinking water Projects, School education Projects, Women Community Program Projects, forestry Community Projects to Women Community Program projects, Earthquake rebuilding and green house projects.
I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our extremely efficient management team and staff who contributed greatly to the continuous growth and success of FSN. We are also equally grateful to the various government and non-government organizations and local and international donors for their immense support, which has contributed to the success of the organization and without whom our mission would have only been a dream.
FSN journey over the past five years has taken us into creating a community that we had always dreamt of. You are always invited to join our programmes and you can also come out with your support and contribution if you feel for the cause.
Looking forward to your invaluable help and support!
Founder President FSN

Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) is born with a vision that all humans have a fundamental right to ecological, economic and social security, to the protection and defense of their resources and their livelihoods. We therefore view the conservation of environment and protection of all forms of culture and heritage which will eventually lead to sustainability and development of minority group.
Considering this as a fundamental human duty and a social responsibility, FSN is engaged in environment conservation, drinking water, monastery construction, old heritage construction, and sustainable development, education for poor children, helping poor family, small community infrastructure and community health.
We believe that campaigns and programmes we carry lead to improvement of livelihoods of the marginalized community and education of poor children and ultimately overcome poverty and powerlessness.
Established in 2010 FSN is a legal entity registered (Regd. No. 613) with Kathmandu District Administrative Office of Nepal Government under the Organization Registration Act of 1977. The Nepali name of the organization is Mitrata Samaj Nepal (Friendship Society Nepal). Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) is affiliated (Affiliation No. 41452) to the Social Welfare Council, a coordinating and umbrella body of NGOs in Nepal.

FSN is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), working together with partners and local communities in Nepal to improve environment and human well-Being.Our major objective is work in the welfare of social groups such as the elderly or children and help eradicate poverty and disease by creating awareness and educating them. Our country still needs to work on the uplifting marginalized community such as women and ethnic groups. If we sum up our objectives in few points, those would be:
 Building local capacity of women and minority group in the society and increasing livelihood security of resource poor and marginalized communities through enhanced food security, nutrition and income generation opportunities
 Identifying and managing available resources, local knowledge, skill and technology to raise their economic status
 Empowering, enhancing and ensuring development of rural communities for conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.
 Working on the reconstruction of monasteries and old heritages so as to hold the identity of our country as the land of God and Goddess.
 Helping and generating training programmes for self-employment and independency of uneducated and unemployed people.
 Providing help and facilities for old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare
 Developing projects throughout the country and abroad for small community infrastructure development and community health.
 Child Education in the rural community
 Propagating the need for nature conservation, safe drinking water and environmental awareness which will ultimately lead towards sustainability
 Campaigning for sustainable development programmes.
 Working for uplifting rural area people of Nepal for their overall development.
 Providing help to people suffering from Natural calamities such as flood, landslides, earthquakes etc.
 Undertaking any other work or assignment which may be for the general welfare of the people
 Education and capacity development
 Working in partnership with other local and international NGOs and INGOs and also with the government bodies.

FSN’s mission is to:
• Strengthening capacity of communities including poor and marginalized groups belonging to any religion, cast, sex or groups, deprived groups and children or any other needy person
• Ensure that they are able to act independently and effectively and become self-reliant
• Promote environmental awareness, peace, harmony, justice and sustainability. Our mission focuses on improving the well-being of small and marginalized rural community group.
• Meet people’s needs while protecting the environment and cultural heritage, and at the same time strengthening livelihood and education.
• Sustainable management of natural resources
• Improve livelihood in the rural places of country
• Advocate fundamental rights of deprived communities to the policy level
• Gender equality
• Ensure well being of women and children by contributing towards their health and education
• Partnering and networking with various related governmental and non governmental bodies

We envision improving the livelihood of rural communities, thus combining the conservation of environment which should also enrich the lives by sustaining cultural heritages.
Our vision is to accomplish such development by creating primary support and platform for minority groups in society that will ensure their adequate living and well-being including their food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.
 Environment Conservation
 Sustainable Development
 Child Education
 Women Empowerment
 Heritages and Monuments
 Community Health

Staff strength: A team of 12 staff headed by Executive Director is engaged in implementing projects and holding day-to-day administrative functions.
Executive Committee
Mr. NimaDorjeeTamang President
Mr. SingaBahadurTamang Vice President
Mr. Anish Bal General Member
Mrs. KalpanaTamang Member
Mr. SudarTamang Treasurer
Mr. SomChhring Member
Mrs. DomaTamang Member
Mr. NgimaDorjeeTamang Member
Mr. LakpaTamang Member
Mr. Furi Maya Tamang Member
Mrs. Chang Helen Advisor (Taiwan)
Mr. SukabirTamang General Member
Mr. LakpaTamang General Member
Mrs. Brigitte Muir Advisor
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