Sir Edmund Hillary claimed that the view of the lower Everest region from Pikey Peak is the best in all of Nepal, and we're inclined to agree. This short trek has the advantage of being slightly farther away from the big peaks, meaning views from the trail encompass much more of the Himalaya. Enjoy the scenery, get acquainted with Sherpa culture, and explore Kathmandu in just 7 days. Highlights See Everest from one of Nepal's best viewpoints Get a rare, expansive view of a large stretch of the Himalayan range Experience the lower Everest Region, which most travelers miss Complete a trek and experience Sherpa culture in just 7 days Brief Itinerary Day Highlights Overnight Day 1 Welcome to Kathmandu! Kathmandu Day 2 Drive from Kathmandu to Dhap, Trek to Sigane or Japre Jhapre Day 3 Trek from Japre to Pikey Base Camp Pikey Base Camp Day 4 Trek from Pikey Peak Base Camp to Chaulakharka via Pikey Peak Chaulakharka Day 5 Trek from Chaulakharka to Shivalaya Shivalaya Day 6 Drive from Shivalaya to Kathmandu Kathmandu Day 7 Depart Kathmandu
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