• e-Sathi.com is using local data center (Kathmandu, New Delhi)
    e-Sathi.com is using local data center so if you viewing e-Sathi.com from Kathmandu then Kathmandu data center is used to deliver you the pages from e-Sathi. Similarly, if you are viewing from New Delhi then New Delhi data center is used to deliver you the page. The underlying host is UnelmaHost.com which is powered by Cloudflare's data centeres. The cloudflare datacenters are across 151...
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  • Tibetan Buddhism is not mysterious at all
    Tibetan Buddhism is very mysterious in many religious factions, which is different from other Chinese religions. On the other hand, there are many false rumors about Tibetan Buddhism that can drink and seduce in society, so that Tibetan Buddhism legacy a strange Impression to people’s minds. However, Tibetan Buddhism is not mysterious at all. When you touch and learn true Tibetan...
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  • www.metcharms.com
    pandora rings disney Phalluses is visible colored about the wall space of numerous homes within Bhutan. Aside from Takin, an additional oddity that may be related to the actual “Celestial Madman”, the actual maverick st . Drukpa Kunley, may be the all-pervasive phallus! Recognized with regard to their insane methods for informative other people, tale offers this he demure bad...
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  • भुटानले ३ लाख डोज अस्ट्राजेनेका खोप दिने
    काठमाडौँ — भुटानले कोरोनाविरुद्धको ३ लाख डोज खोप नेपाललाई उपलब्ध गराउने भएको छ । भुटानले लक्षित समूहलाई खोप लगाइसकेपछि नेपाललाई अस्ट्राजेनेकाको खोप सहयोग गर्ने भएको हो । ‘भुटानबाट खोप छिट्टै ल्याउने तयारी भइरहेको छ,’ सरकारका एक उच्च अधिकारीले भने, ‘त्यसका लागि परराष्ट्र मन्त्रालयमार्फत कूटनीतिक माध्यममार्फत सरकारीस्तरमा पहल भइरहेको छ ।’ नयाँ दिल्लीस्थित नेपाली...
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