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  • #Mother's #Day #Jewelry #2022 - #Gift #Ideas for #Mom | #Jewelili

    Make this Mother's Day memorable by gifting diamond jewelry to your Mom. Buy unique Necklaces, Rings, Earrings & Bracelets in Gold & Sterling Silver at great prices from Jewelili.
    #Mother's #Day #Jewelry #2022 - #Gift #Ideas for #Mom | #Jewelili Make this Mother's Day memorable by gifting diamond jewelry to your Mom. Buy unique Necklaces, Rings, Earrings & Bracelets in Gold & Sterling Silver at great prices from Jewelili. https://www.jewelili.com/collections/mothers-day-jewelry-gifts-2022
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  • #Give #Her Your #Heart in a #Sparkling #PromiseRing
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    Give Her Your Heart in a Sparkling Promise Ring
    The Holiday season is upon us. What better time could there be to give your relationship a special status? This Christmas or New Year, why not commit to your love with a unique promise ring and strengthen your bond. If you’re looking for amazing designs in diamond or gemstone promise rings for women, you’ve come to the right place. There is something for every type of woman and every budget in our vast collection of rings. And, if you shop now, you can also get overreaching discounts. We have curated a special holiday gift guide for the Holiday season. So, you can also buy some additional diamond jewelry for her in advance now. So, take a look at our mesmerizing collection of promise rings for women. Jewelili's Designs Diamond Love Promise Ring Promise her that your love will be endless with this ring. This promise ring is carved to read
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  • Top List of #JewelryGifts for #Christmas and #NewYear
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    Top List of Jewelry Gifts for Christmas and New Year
    The holiday season is already upon us. Time to finalize your gifting list for Christmas and New Year. But what should you gift your favorite people that would be cherished for a long time to come? Well, what could be better than the perfect shimmering piece of jewelry? The best part is that when you shop for diamond and gemstone jewelry online, you will find excellent choices within your budget. So, check out these top jewelry gifting ideas for this holiday season that can be both profoundly meaningful and fashionable. Christmas Gifting List 1. Cross Jewelry The cross can show one's faith in and love for Christ. But this design goes much beyond spirituality and any one religion. It has become a timeless fashion statement. So, blend fashion with faith this holiday season. Gift your favorite lady, for instance, a gold with Swarovski zirconia cross necklace and matching dangle earrings. A rose gold over a sterling silver diamond heart cross necklace is another wonderful gift. You can also gift her a glittering sterling silver cross diamond bolo bracelet. For your favorite man, a sterling silver diamond and black onyx cross pendant necklace can give him a bold look. You can even get a cross-textured men's diamond ring in sterling silver. If he likes gold jewelry, consider gifting him a miracle plated diamond cross pendant necklace in yellow gold over sterling silver. You can buy it with a yellow gold over sterling silver diamond cross texture men's ring to help him match the cross jewelry. Cross Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver Cross Diamond Bolo Bracelet 2. Anchor Jewelry The anchor represents stability. In the Biblical context, it is emblematic of Christians' hope of salvation through Christ's suffering. So, you can definitely make anchor jewelry a part of your Christmas holiday gifting list. Shop for yellow gold over sterling silver anchor dog tag pendant necklace in diamonds and black onyx for your special man. For women, you can buy yellow gold and sterling silver diamond anchor bracelet and ring. For a more symbolic ornament, opt for a sterling silver cross nautical steering wheel anchor diamond pendant necklace. Anchor Dog Tag Pendant Necklace in Diamond & Black onyx Wheel Anchor Diamond Pendant Necklace 3. Snowflake Jewelry How can you miss out on snowflake jewelry when it's about winter holiday gifting? To include some unique snowflake jewelry in your Christmas gifting list, check out designs with a fandom theme. Tell your daughter that she'll always be your princess with rose gold over sterling silver Elsa snowflake diamond ring and earrings in Rose De France and Swiss blue topaz. You can also gift your favorite ladies sterling silver Elsa diamond bracelet and pendant carved into multiple snowflakes. These jewelry gifts can gracefully adorn the recipient for a white Christmas. Elsa Snowflake Diamond Ring Snowflake Pendant New Year Gifting List 1. Angel Wing Jewelry Angel wings stand for hope, happiness, love, harmony, and protection. Shower these positive vibes on your loved ones this holiday season with gifts of angel wing jewelry. For women who love Gothic fashion, shop for Disney’s Maleficent diamond pendant necklace, earrings, and ring in black rhodium over sterling silver. Do you have someone special who loves minimalistic fashion jewelry? Then check out the Tinker Bell wings pendant in sterling silver for her. All these jewelry gifts can spice up the recipient's look with the magic of Disney fandom. A sparkling sterling silver diamond angel wing pendant necklace can also be a beautiful gift. For something colorful, a sterling silver heart angel wing pendant necklace in pink sapphire with black and white diamond accents can be a great pick. Diamond Pendant Necklace Ring In Black Rhodium Over Sterling Silver 2. Butterfly Jewelry When gifting jewelry this holiday season, you cannot go wrong with vivacious butterfly jewelry. Butterflies are symbolic of colors, transformation, rebirth, power, and hope. Since they are associated with rebirth or renewal, butterfly jewelry can be great New Year gifts. So, go ahead and gift your loved ones sterling silver butterfly bracelet and earrings with diamond accents. You can also choose a lace butterfly diamond ring and pendant in yellow gold and sterling silver. For someone who loves monochrome, you can buy a sterling silver butterfly pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. The recipient will surely look elegant in these jewelry pieces. Butterfly Diamond Bracelet Butterfly Diamond Ring 3. Celestial Jewelry Christmas and New Year can be the perfect excuse to immerse your special women in some celestial glow. That way, you can literally illuminate their looks this holiday season. Check out the black enamel wish pendant necklace in sterling silver, showcasing a diamond-studded star in the center. For a beautiful matching Disney fandom set, go for Jasmine moon and star diamond earrings and ring in yellow gold. You can also buy a Tinker Bell star bracelet in yellow gold and sterling silver. Star Diamond Earrings Diamond Bracelet Make sure to shop online for diamond and gemstone jewelry gifts to access the latest holiday season discounts. Visit a store that offers a wide collection of exquisite jewelry designs at various prices. Then you can shop for more products within your budget, especially if there are other beneficial facilities like free shipping and free returns. If you buy Disney fandom jewelry, check whether the store offers official licensed products. With free returns, you can enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience.
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  • 3 #Trendy #EarringSets That You Can #GiftHer
    3 #Trendy #EarringSets That You Can #GiftHer https://www.jewelili.com/blogs/gifting/3-trendy-earring-sets-that-you-can-gift-her
    3 Trendy Earring Sets That You Can Gift Her
    Big, chunky metal links and chains were all the rage in earrings during Fall 2020. But trends have changed once again, and Summer 2021 is expected to be marked by color. In other words, stud earrings, drops and danglers are expected to be embellished with a variety of semi-precious gemstones, pearls and diamonds. So, regardless of the type of woman your chosen one is, make sure you choose something that will help her look trendy and feel special at the same time. Whether it is her birthday, a special anniversary or simply a gesture to remind her how much you care, trendy earring sets are a good way to show her that you value her and appreciate the relationship. 3 Trendy Earrings That Make the Perfect Gift Wait! Hold it right there before you think that gifting diamond earrings is an expensive idea. Believe it or not, you can find beautiful options in all price ranges. You could also consider gemstones like rubies, emeralds or sapphires for that splash of color that is ruling the ramps this year. Here’s a look at the most popular and trendy earrings to gift your loved one. 1. Stud Earrings Walt Whitman, one of the greatest American poets and 19th century humanists, once said, “The art of art, the glory of expression, and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.” There is nothing more elegant than simple diamond stud earrings. They ooze class, disguising the intricacy of designing with their minimalistic appearance. We are often terrified by the idea of gifting something ordinary, but diamonds and other precious gemstones, such as emerald and sapphire, are can make your loved one feel extra special. If you want to go to the next level of special, you’ll be surprised by what branded diamond earrings offer. They can make a woman feel like a queen, or at least the princess that she is. 2. Drops and Danglers Diamond Earrings: You will always see celebrities wearing these earrings on the red carpet during the award season. Some of the biggest stars have been seen with expensive dangling jewelry, inspired by the Amazonian culture. So, for your very own super partner, who perhaps has the super power of being your special one, consider drops or dangling earrings. They come in a huge variety of designs and a wide price range, to suit every type of taste and budget. You can not only choose the gemstone, you can also choose the metal on which the stones are embedded, such as sterling silver or yellow, white or rose gold. Dangling earrings have existed since the beginning of civilization and even cavemen may have carved earrings out of bones for their special women, So, check out options online and get assistance from a female friend or family member so that you don’t get confused about the selection. 3. Hoop Diamond Earrings Hoops have been in style for over 4 millennia now. They have a vivacious quality about them, big or small. And, diamond embedded hoops are a trend that are timeless and has been a favorite ever since the 1940s. Diamond hoop earrings suit almost every woman, adding a vibrant and high energy quality to the entire look. This piece of jewelry is often preferred with multi-colored diamonds and gemstones. The smallest of hoops are a great gifting idea when they have sparkling stones on them, just like the Infinity gauntlet with all the Infinity stones studded on them! If you find it difficult to decide on what your partner may like among all these trending earrings, you can always research her existing collection of jewelry or the jewelry that she wears regularly, without being creepy about it, of course. You can choose from a wide selection of designs and styles of diamond earrings online. and have it delivered right , Ultimately, the earrings that you gift her will remind her of the effort you make to know her likes and dislikes. Think of all the brownie points you will win! At Jewelili, you will find the ultimate selection of trendy earrings at attractive prices.
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  • 4 #One-of-a-Kind #Diamond #Necklaces for #PerfectFamily #Heirlooms
    4 #One-of-a-Kind #Diamond #Necklaces for #PerfectFamily #Heirlooms https://www.jewelili.com/blogs/fashion/4-one-of-a-kind-diamond-necklaces-for-perfect-family-heirlooms
    4 One-of-a-Kind Diamond Necklaces for Perfect Family Heirlooms
    It’s an honor to be gifted an heirloom piece of jewelry that has been passed on for generations. If that hasn’t been the case with you, why not start the tradition by buying just the perfect item that will be treasured for generations? One piece of jewelry that will be just perfect is a diamond necklace. But remember to choose a style that is timeless and will be as loved by your grandchildren. Confused about which design to pick? Take a look at our top 4 picks of diamond necklaces that make for the perfect family heirloom. Top 4 Diamond Necklace Picks for Family Heirlooms Choosing a meaningful design can make the diamond necklace timeless for you and your family. Take a look. 1. Infinity Symbol Necklaces The infinity symbol whether horizontal or vertical in shape is one of our favorite heirloom jewelry pieces. While most of it has to do with the significance of the symbol, we also think the design is eternally stylish, just as its meaning. Infinity signifies an unending loop in time. This concept fits in perfectly with the idea of “family.” This necklace can be handed down from one generation to the next, creating an endless chain of continuity for the family. It helps to create the idea of a limitless bond as well. While the meaning is appropriate, the design is exquisite, with diamonds studded artistically into the design around a focal larger diamond. The solitaire diamond symbolizes unity and perseverance, which is a quality that the older generation inspires and the next generation aspires to. Heirlooms don’t always need to be passed on to blood relations. They can be all about unconditional love.e 2. Heart-Shaped Necklaces Speaking of love, this next pick signifies it universally. Love is the glue that binds the family together. It is this one quality that can overcome the worst obstacles and the toughest situations. Heirloom diamond necklaces with the heart-shaped design, especially in rose gold, are eternal because of their unique design and also the rows of diamonds that signify “being precious.” Yes, love is precious and so is this fabulous design with diamonds and a flamboyant contemporary look that is sure to pass the test of time. But, even as trends die out and fashion changes, the heart pendant remains timeless. Don’t forget to check the details of the necklace, such as the source of the diamonds, their weights, and the metal used. 3. Designer Pendants with a Solitaire Design The solitaire diamond design never goes out of fashion. The single stone in the center symbolizes oneness or unity. Therefore, it fits perfectly with the idea of being the family being a single unit, among the crowds. A gorgeous design of a solitaire diamond acting as the focal point of the jewelry adds to the sense of the mind, heart, and soul of the family members acting as a single unit amidst everything that surrounds them. Even if family members are separated by great distances, in their minds and hearts, they are always together. Also, this design looks great on all types of metal, from white or yellow gold to sterling silver. Sterling silver is a good idea for a piece of heirloom jewelry keeping in mind the longevity of silver. It is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for family members with skin conditions or sensitivity. While the solitaire stares out like the eye and singularity of your family, onlookers will always be drawn to the design. 4. Butterfly Diamond Necklaces Who said family heirlooms cannot depict your spirit animal? Butterflies are relatable for many women as a symbol of coming of age, like a caterpillar that metamorphosizes into a beautiful butterfly that can stretch its wings and fly. Being passed on through the generations, a butterfly diamond necklace is ideal for gifting as an heirloom especially at events such as graduation and debutante ceremonies. It can also be the perfect family heirloom passed down the generations on the 18th birthday. Butterflies also signify womanhood and independence, which suits the idea of an heirloom too. The diamonds are intricately embedded in this silver design and create the perfect look to be worn on special occasions or with evening wear. So, they serve the dual purpose of style as well as substance in heirloom jewelry. If butterflies are not your thing, we have a bonus idea that is eternal too. Cross diamond pendants are also perfect for heirloom jewelry for the spiritually inclined. Whatever your choice, buy diamond jewelry only from a retailer, like Jewelili, that offers certificates for all their gemstones. That will certainly make the necklace worthy of being an heirloom.
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  • Must Have #Diamond #Dangler and #DropEarrings
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    5 Types of Earrings Every Woman Must Add to Their Collection
    One of the most valuable and visible pieces of jewelry out there are earrings. They not only accentuate your overall look but also attract the eyes to your face. Earrings are one of the most common ways to accessorize and suit women of all age groups, from a teenager to your 80-year-old grandma. Given how popular they are, the choices available in earrings can be quite overwhelming, especially when you buy earrings online. There are so many styles, designs, and sizes to choose from. But then, who says you need to stop shopping at just one pair? Different occasions and outfits call for different types of earrings, from diamond dangler earrings to studs. Each pair can help you make your very own fashion statement. So here are our top picks of must-have earrings for every woman. 1. Birthstone Earrings Birthstone jewelry never goes out of fashion. Each month is represented by a different gemstone and each gemstone represents different things. For instance, the birthstone for July is Ruby. The fiery red color of the gemstone stands for passion, love, etc. You can even choose diamond dangler or drop earrings with a central gemstone that is your birthstone, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Gemstones add a pop of color that could either match or contrast your outfit, thereby helping you make a style statement. 2. Drop Earrings Smaller than dangler earrings for women, drop earrings usually hang just below the earlobe via an extension attached to a stud. Being very close to the earlobe, they have some movement but can bethat is very subtle. They are great for accessorizing classic formal wear for an office event or even with a nice beachy summer dress. In case you are looking at subtle earrings, you can choose one with a cluster of diamonds and treat yourself to a pair of diamond earrings for women that will not only look pretty but also take your style quotient up a notch. 3. Hoop Earrings These earrings are not new to the fashion industry. Hoop earrings became trendy in the 1960s and have never gone out of fashion ever since. These earrings for women suit almost everyone. A classic dainty pair of sterling silver earrings, whether studded with diamonds or gemstones, can give your outfit a completely revamped look. Plus, you can choose the size of the hoop based on your preference and the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a long face, large hoops can be the perfect way to give some breadth. Hoops are most definitely a staple fashion accessory that every woman must own. It can be the perfect go-to accessory. You can choose from a range of natural white diamond hoops to gold round hoops. 4. Studs Straightforward and sophisticated, unlike diamond dangler earrings for women, studs reflect the concept of less is more. When you need something elegant to go with your formal attire, what could be better than a pair of solitaire diamond earrings? When you buy earrings online, you get to choose from a huge range of designs in studs, from solitaires to nature-inspired designs. If you want to showcase your love for dogs, you can choose dog paw studs. 5. Danglers Danglers are, of course, the statement earrings every woman must have. They hang well below the earlobes, giving the earring movement and added sparkle, each time you move your head. They could be the best way to stand out from the crowd and capture everyone’s attention. You can choose the size in these earrings too, based on your preference and face shape. For instance, if you have a round face, long danglers can give it length. Dangler earrings have much more intricate designs and can be the glam quotient of your look. These earrings are the most playful and can be paired with almost anything. Buy diamond earrings for women online not only for thea vast range of choices in designs and styles, but also to access the best prices, along with discounts and special offers. With free shipping and easy returns, you needn't stop shopping at just one pair. Are you ready to make a personal style statement with these must-have earrings for women? What are you waiting for – start shopping right away.
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  • #Understanding #Bolo #Bracelets
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    Understanding Bolo Bracelets
    Bolo bracelets are among the most versatile pieces of jewelry and have a very interesting mechanism to be worn. They have been popularized over the years by celebrities across all platforms and in pop culture in recent times. But, where did these bracelets come from and what types of bolo bracelets can you buy online? How can we adapt them to our daily wear? Get the answers to all these questions and more. Read on. Bolo Bracelets: Origins and Design If you’ve noticed the Texas Rangers’ uniform, you might have seen them wearing a bolo tie with a pulley clasp on their neck. Well, bolo bracelets are just like these ties but made of metal and gemstones and worn as bracelets on the wrist. Both the ends of the bolo bracelet run through a pulley clasp, which allows the wearer to adjust the size of the bracelet to their wrist or wherever they wish to wear it on their arm. It can be loosened with the help of the pulley clasp when you want to take off. Easy peasy, one size fits all. Bolo bracelets are may be of leather, fabric, or metal, with a central motif or design. This central motif is what made these bracelets so popular in recent times. They come in such a wide variety of designs that you can't stop at buying just one. If you're looking for something more sophisticated, for evening wear, choose from bolo bracelets made in yellow, white, or rose gold, or sterling silver and set them with your choice of diamonds or gemstones. You can buy bolo bracelets online across a huge range of prices, which is a huge positive. Types of Bolo Bracelets Available Online There is a multitude of options available online but here are our top 5 picks of styles among the latest and trendiest of designs in bolo bracelets, especially diamond bolo bracelets: 1. Three Stone Bolo Bracelets Three stone bolo bracelets derive from the engagement and wedding bands that have gained popularity in recent times. They basically have three stones, as the name suggests, which stand for the past, present, and future and symbolize eternity. The stones can differ, such as a larger diamond in the center, flanked on both sides with smaller diamonds or gemstone. If you like the concept of three stone rings, then you’ll love these bolo bracelets too. If you already wear a three-stoned ring, you can match it with a three-stoned bolo bracelet. 2. Heart Bolo Bracelet Sometimes, the diamonds in bolo bracelets are shaped into hearts and sometimes the central element is a heart with diamonds adorning the design. While the significance, in this case, is love, the designs are far more contemporary than the regular single-row diamond bracelets. They are great accessories with evening wear, whether a regular night on the town or a special occasion. 3. Cross Bolo Bracelet Whether you’re looking for an ideal Thanksgiving gift or something to wear to church, bolo bracelets with a cross design in the middle are the perfect choice. Such bracelets are top sellers as they are an elegant expression of your faith. Just make sure that the gemstones are certified. 4. Symbolic Bolo Bracelet You can also find bolo bracelets online with special symbols as the centerpiece. One of the most popular ones is the “infinity” symbol, which as the name suggests, is basically the concept of limitless or unending. While it can be interpreted as co-existence forever or sharing unending love, the inverted 8 symbol, stretched into an elegant design, makes for stylish jewelry. The other symbols include circles and squares that may not have innate significance but are great for party wear or brunches with the girls. 5. Gemstone Bolo Bracelet If crosses and hearts are not your thing, there are colored diamonds and gemstones that will definitely attract your attention, especially if they are embedded in an intricate design. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything, from daily workwear to a date night at a fancy restaurant. Even if you are wearing them with a white blouse and no other accessories, they look good. Caring for Bolo Bracelets If you buy bolo bracelets online made of precious metal like gold or silver, and embedded with gemstones, caring for them can enhance their lifespan and keep them looking as good as new for years to come. It is best to store the bracelets in a pouch or box, separate from other pieces of jewelry so that they don’t rub against other metals and develop scratches and abrasions. When you buy diamond jewelry online at trusted stores like Jewelili, you can be assured of great quality at attractive prices. You can come back to us if the bracelet needs cleaning or polishing, and it will look as good as new.
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    #Buy #BestSelling #Jewelry as #Valentine'sDay #Gift | Jewelili https://www.jewelili.com/collections/valentines-day-best-selling-jewelry
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