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  • What Is Bronzing
      Hot stamping is the application of metal printing and foil on materials such as plastic, paper, and card using heat and pressure. It can be used to create various textures on media such as metallic, matte, glossy, and holographic textures. This printing process of hot stamping is different from pad printing or silk screen printing, it does not involve the use of any ink, so it is not affected...
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  • Cold Foil Application
      Rich decorative effects make the folding carton a real canvas for you. You can combine inks, specialty coatings, and structural designs to enhance your brand and engage consumers in all settings, retail or online. As long as people associate "shine" with quality, bronzing will remain a popular decorative choice for companies. It's a tried-and-true method that dates back centuries, and...
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  • What Is Decorative Foil
      Material Thin paper-based decorative surface bonded to a smooth substrate, usually MDF. They are capable of carrying very high-fidelity printed designs, especially wood grain, as well as matte/gloss variations to create optical texture effects that mimic wood grain ticks and similar textures. Such materials are called decorative foils and lightweight papers.   Because they are so...
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  • Introduction Of Hot Foil
    Thermal foils are opaque sheets that can be printed on paper in any shape or text you indicate in your design. Hot foil is better for text or shapes and minimal designs. This technique is the first choice for many looking for a clean, professional finish. Hot foil can be used in combination with embossing to create a tactile effect that cold foil cannot.   Cold perming is an...
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  • Supplier Brings Tipping Foil
      Tipping Foil refers to a thin glass film product on the surface of automobile glass or architectural glass; mobile phone screen protection film is also a film; in the textile industry, the pattern and color on the release film, bronzing film, etc. The process of transferring to the cloth surface is also called Tipping Foil.   Tipping Foil, also known as self-adhesive labels,...
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