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  • Some Relevant Understanding Of Crate Mould
    Everyone may have their own opinions on molds, so do you know about crate mould ? The crate mold is with reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy molding process control, crate quality assurance. Using hot runner system technology to improve the quality of plastic parts, reduce production costs and save time.Currently,the crate applied to the field of logistics, such as beer crates,...
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  • Fins Of Air Cooler Mould
    Air coolers mainly use air to cool the hot fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling or condensation. It can be used to cool the products after various reactions and condense the hot fluid. It is widely used in industrial production and is almost in line with our daily life. It doesn't match up, and naturally, it causes very little to air cooler mould . The finned tube is used as a...
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  • Definition Of Table Mould
    A desk is a practical item that every household has. Whether it is a desk, a dining table, a desk, a computer desk, a lecture desk, or other types of desks, they are all produced to meet people's needs. Before we can make a good table, we still need a good table mould. The table mould can largely determine the cost of the table. The table is a kind of commonly used furniture, mostly made...
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  • Air Cooler Mould Tube Bundle Layout Form
    We all know that the air cooler is mainly composed of three parts: tube bundle, ventilator, and frame, and the air cooler is an air cooler mould before it is produced. Today we talk about the arrangement of tube bundles of air coolers. The tube bundle includes heat transfer tubes, tube boxes, side beams, and cross beams. It can be arranged in three basic forms: horizontal, vertical and...
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  • Crate Mould And Mould Application
    With the rapid development of the mold industry, although the scale of mold manufacturing companies is small, the number is many. Among the many mold manufacturing companies, there are not a few companies that can make crate mould , but there are not many that can guarantee good quality. Molds are tools for forcing a metal or non-metal forming and are essential key process equipment in...
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  • The History Of Chair And Chair Molds
    A chair is a kind of comfortable furniture, a seat with a backrest and armrests. Modern chairs pursue beauty and fashion. Some chairs are no longer just seats with more technology so that we can use them more conveniently. As early as in the wall paintings of Dunhuang Cave 285, there are images of two people sitting on chairs; in the wall paintings of Cave 257 there are women sitting on square...
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  • Chair Mold Design
    At present, my country's industrial production is characterized by a large variety of products, rapid updates and fierce market competition. In this case, the user's requirements for mold manufacturing are short delivery time, high precision, good quality, and low price. Therefore, the development trend of the mold industry is very obvious. As one of many mold products, chair mould also...
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  • What Is An Air Cooler And An Air Cooler Mould
    Before we want to buy an item or before meeting an item, we don't know how to do our homework to understand it. Just like people who don’t have pets won’t understand some of the basics of pets, people who don’t love games that much won’t understand the skill cooling time of the game or some technical terms in the game. It's the same in life. We don't even think about...
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  • What are the applications of molds?
    There are many molds, including chair mould, etc. In products such as electronics, automobiles, motors, instruments, electrical appliances, meters, home appliances, and communications, 60%-80% of parts and components must be formed by molds. The high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption demonstrated by using molds to produce parts are unmatched by...
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  • Crate mould information
    Taizhou Huangyan Rongwei Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the hometown of moulds in China. We have the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment and the most qualified and well-trained staff. One of our main products is crate mould. Hot runner system mold is better than cold runner mold. Compared with cold runner crate molds, using hot runner systems to make crate molds has many...
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