Nima Photography - Nepal
Nima Photography - Nepal
Namaste and Welcome to Nima Photography -This is a group for all Nepalese,Nepalese Residents and All residents from all over the World ) interested in photography. Share your images here and get opinions of other members. Keep an open mind, ask questions, seek for feedback, share what you know, share what you think might help the members. We are all learning and such practice helps us grow individually as well as a community.
RULES that must be followed strictly:
** Admins have the right to remove any post/s or member/s they find inappropriate. Please remember this is an avenue to learn by sharing. If members are found dumping just about anything in the name of Photography, they will be BANNED.
** Please POST a maximum of ONLY 2 to 3 IMAGES per day. Let EVERYONE have some SPACE. A member posting more than 3 images in a day WILL BE BANNED.
** Members are encouraged (not compulsory) to post their images explaining how the image was produced (EXIF, workflow, planning, etc) so that other members can learn.
** CONSTRUCTIVE FEED BACKS are always encouraged. Such critical analysis should be taken as a step forward to learn, improve and grow your skills. But please be mindful of your languages. Members using abusive words will be BANNED immediately.
** ANYTHING not related to PHOTOGRAPHY such as events, ads, spams, etc will be removed and members will be BANNED permanently.
** Plagiarism is strictly dealt with and any member posting plagiarized content is immediately BANNED. A member may post work of another photographer but for reference purpose only. The member posting such content should provide a link to the source from where it was copied along with the content.
** Members are responsible for what they post and for their actions. A team of active Nima Photography members known as CLEAN-UP TEAM has been voluntarily monitoring page activities. Other members are also encouraged to monitor and report posts that are inappropriate. Admin panel will review the post and take action appropriately.
Thank you
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#Everest #Amadablam #Expedition #Nimaphotography #Nepal #Lukla #Namchebazar #Everestbasecamptrek #Amadablambasecamptrek #trekkinginnepal #Dingboche
#Everest #Amadablam #Expedition #Nimaphotography #Nepal #Lukla #Namchebazar #Everestbasecamptrek #Amadablambasecamptrek #trekkinginnepal #Dingboche
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