What is Macro Photography?
    What is Macro Photography? Have you ever wondered how the photographer must have taken those close-up images of animals, insects, plants, flowers, etc? Ever seen on Discovery channel or even on National Geographic channel? For those who might be curious to know how pictures of these creatures must have taken, the answer is very simple. Through "Macro Photography." Taking close-up pictures of living organisms in which they appears greater in size than they are in their actual life. This...
    By Manisha Kumar 2020-03-16 08:06:04 0 64
    Take Back control With Brave Browser Work
      In case of desktop, when you click on that “DOWNLOAD BRAVE” link an exe file will prompted to save and you click on save file button after that an exe file will be downloaded. When you open that exe file it will ask to run it and you click on yes. Now it will connect to internet and begin to download the browser. Now, after successful installation the installed browser will open. In case of smart phone (android) when you click on download brave button you will be...
    By Ramjee Sah 2020-02-09 09:59:08 0 95
    What are the Courses in Photography?
    A career as a photographer invites creativity as the photographers get to work in various scenarios and to meet different people. Also, this profession is really in demand but one must have to go through the necessary training to opt this photography as their career. For striving professional photographers and for inexperienced amateurs, Photography Courses are equally important as the courses will lay down the foundation or they will increase your existing knowledge and skill of photography....
    By Babita Giri 2019-05-15 15:58:36 0 2528
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